Why RABGA approved schools?

Many parents put a lot of thought and deliberation into choosing a school for their children. After all, educational institutions often employ different teaching approaches and curriculum that influence each child's lifelong learning. If you have felt overwhelmed about deciding between the many schooling options, you're not alone. While each educational institution has its own set of advantages, international schools provide a unique edge to children. Consider the following advantages of attending an RABG Academy approved school as you decide on which educational institution is right for your child..

Exposure to New Cultures

All our schools adhere to British curriculum. This curriculum incorporates an appreciation for other world cultures into the learning process. All our approved schools use a curriculum that is used and accepted around the world. Our approved schools teach children an appreciation for world culture, the children experience a variety of cultures and people. Many children benefit from these cultural experiences and learn how to work with people from diverse backgrounds. Children that attend our approved schools will gain insight and confidence now to deal with other cultures and people in the future..

Growth in Personality

Our approved schools celebrate differences in culture and personality. Often, this appreciation for difference fosters an emotional maturity in children. Students at our approved schools tend to work through daily challenges regarding language barriers. Children who learn to overcome the challenges presented at our schools gain confidence and maturity in the process.

Participation in More Extracurricular Activities

Our schools will often include extracurricular activities within their curriculum. These activities can help children find and develop new skills. For instance, students can learn to be creative and develop unique imagination through extracurricular activities like debate teams, maths leagues, computing and destination imagination. When children excel in new activities, they gain confidence in newfound talents. Children who participate in extracurricular activities are also less likely to exhibit behaviour problems. Extracurricular activities are a great way for children to learn how to focus and cooperate with other children. Children can even develop problem solving and critical thinking skills as they participate in new activities.

Gaining More Career Opportunities

Many businesses today operate on a global scale. Employers look for individuals who have experience working with other cultures. Such individuals tend to be more effective when collaborating with people from various cultures. Most students who attend our approved schools will learn more than one language. Many employers see multilingualism as a desired trait. Even individuals who are only bilingual can successfully carry out international business tasks with ease. Children who study at our approved schools can feel confident when looking for career opportunities because of their exposure to various world cultures and languages. In addition, studies suggest that students who attend schools like our approved schools attend college and university more frequently than children in public schools. In fact, students are often at an advantage when it comes to finding a job. Students who attend our approved schools can benefit from all these distinct advantages. If you are interested in registering your child in an RABG Academy approved school, please contact the School listed on our website directly quoting this website as a reference.

Benefits of RA BRITISH GLOBAL ACADEMY’S School Membership:

  • A mark of British quality-assurance
  • Permission to use the internationally recognised RABGA logo and school membership branding.
  • Access to formal quality recognition through inspections by qualified and UK Trained Quality Assurance Inspectors and Internal Versifiers with inspection specifically designed for British schools’ standards.
  • Representation and lobbying on behalf of the schools with the British Government, educational bodies, and the corporate sector.
  • A forum for discussion, networking, and sharing good practice through conferences, seminars, webinars and continuing professional development
  • A system of international support through contacts, consultancies, information and marketing
  • INSET training for teachers and managers both home and abroad.
  • Access to information about developments and trends in UK education.
  • Regular newsletter providing up-to-date information about the education sector in the United Kingdom and news from other schools.
  • Access to a programme of regular webinars.
  • Access to initial professional advice, or to further consultancy.
  • Access to Head mentoring and support.

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